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Another Busy Car Show Season


President’s Message
Journey With Olds | June 2012

This is another very active car show season.  Homecoming in Lansing will be in mid-June and the 2012 OCA National meet is scheduled three weeks later.  At both shows, you will likely meet Oldsmobile owners who are not members of the OCA.  Please take a few minutes to offer your assistance.  Our experience is that many have an interest and will readily understand the advantages of membership.

Driving to a Car Show

For those who are driving to car shows this summer, please check your tires before you make the trip.  That check should include tread depth, sidewall condition, air pressure, and “built on” date.  Several years ago, I did not check the last item in that list and was about 30 miles into the trip when a tire failed abruptly while travelling at 70 miles per hour.  When the tire was removed, it revealed a ten-inch split.  In this case, the tires had less than 1,000 miles on them and the tread looked fine – but the tires were about 12 years old.  My lesson was an easy one – the tire remained in one piece.  There are many stories about others who were not as fortunate.  Last year, a Pontiac Firebird owner encountered a similar situation but the tire disintegrated and removed a wheel opening molding, side trim, and paint on the fender and passenger side door.

To determine the age of your tires, you will find a series of numbers and letters following “DOT” on the sidewall of each tire.  For tires manufactured since 2000, the last four digits in that sequence identify the week and year the tire was manufactured.  For example, 4402 would be the 44th week of 2002.  For tires produced before 2000, there is a three-digit code.  To illustrate, 442 would translate to the 44th week of the second year in a decade.  If you find a three-digit code, you should consider either getting new tires or trailering the car to shows.

This lesson is helpful when you purchase a new set of tires for your daily driver.  Check the manufacturing date before having them installed to ensure that you are purchasing a set of “new” tires that has not aged in a warehouse.

2012 National Meet

The registration deadline for the 2012 National Meet is near.  The Oldsmobile Club of Iowa has planned the first OCA indoor National Event, indoor and outdoor swap meet, car show, and Awards Banquet.  Those will be complemented by racing and tours of landmarks in Des Moines.

If you have not attended a National Meet in the past and have questions, you will be able to find help from members of the Oldsmobile Club of Iowa or your local chapter.

For those who want to participate in the Swap Meet, there are indoor and outdoor spaces remaining.

OCA Merchandise Manager

The OCA Merchandise Manager has expanded the lines of merchandise again this month.  The new logo items offered at www.ocamerchandise.com include:

  • T-shirts in black, red, and grey with screenprinted OCA logo on front
  • Pocket t-shirt in grey heather with screenprinted OCA logo on front above pocket
  • Ladies t-shirt in white with  screenprinted OCA logo on front
  • Polo shirts in red, black, and white (dri wick polos should be available soon)
  • New cap colors including red, grey, khaki, and black
  • Polar blankets in black with embroidered OCA logo
  • Tote bags in black with embroidered OCA logo

This merchandise and other new items will be available at the 2012 National Meet.

OCA Website

The Board of Directors is working on the redesign of the OCA Website.  In early May, the Board approved a proposal prepared by the OCA Website Committee and has instructed the Committee to work with a professional firm to design and develop a website with expanded capabilities.  The project includes design, development, implementation, and testing of a website with expanded capabilities.  We hope to make substantial progress before the 2012 National Meet where we plan to have brief presentation at the General Membership meeting scheduled for Saturday morning, July 7.  We look forward to seeing many of you at that meeting.

Attention: 30-Year Members

When you visit the 2012 National Meet in Des Moines, look for a sample of the new jacket for spouses.  The jackets will be unique and will be available exclusively for spouses of 30-year members.  We will be taking orders in Des Moines and will provide ordering information for those who are unable to attend the National Meet.

Please drive carefully this summer and remember to check your tires.


–          Jerry Wilson

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