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New Opportunities in the OCA


President’s Message
Journey With Olds | July 2012

Many members will be receiving this issue of Journey With Olds as the 2012 National Meet is underway in Des Moines, Iowa.  Those who attend will be a part of the first ever indoor OCA National Meet.  They will have an opportunity to see the Hurst Hairy Olds and participate in drag races at Eddyville Raceway Park.   Look for articles and photographs in future issues of JWO.

New Opportunities in the OCA

In the past several months, I have visited chapters in California, Florida, Illinois, Georgia, Iowa, and Missouri and have attended their chapter meetings and/or chapter events.  While at those meetings and events, members have indicated interests in expanding our current array of activities – and others have provided excellent suggestions about how we might establish additional OCA activities that complement those that are currently available and be attractive for prospective younger members.

While most are familiar with OCA judging, members in various chapters have encouraged us to expand our programs to include activities that may be attractive for others.  Last year, we added racing to the events associated with a National Meet.

Recently, we have heard members of virtually every chapter inquire about the possibility of including recognition of driving Oldsmobiles.  For example, some have suggested that we establish a recognition program for those who drive their cars to a national meet.

Another suggestion is that we establish some form of touring program.  Such programs have been successfully implemented in other car clubs.  While in Georgia, members of another national car club described the program their club had established.  They were pleasantly surprised with a concurrent substantial increase in membership.  They explained that the touring program offered an affordable alternative – and encouraged members to drive their collector cars in organized events.   We will not copy any program but will consider alternatives and would only establish a program that is uniquely Oldsmobile.

Chapter Opportunities

If you live in an area that has an active chapter, please check in with them to determine what activities may interest you.  If there is not an active chapter in your area, we have resources to assist you with finding other OCA members who live in your area and may share your interest in establishing a chapter.  There are a few chapters that have become dormant and we are interested in helping with restoration of those chapters.  In other cases, we can assist in organizing a chapter with others who share your interest in Oldsmobiles.

Please contact your Zone Director, Steve Mestad, or me to discuss suggestions, ideas, and opportunities about new chapters.

OCA Merchandise Manager

The OCA Merchandise Manager is continuing to expand the selection of merchandise available at www.ocamerchandise.com.  This month, members will find additional Oldsmobile-logo items.  Please check out the website for additions.

OCA Website

The OCA Website Committee has initiated discussions with a website developer.   The Committee has been working on the functionality and design of the website.  There are significant changes in the appearance and scope of information that are being considered.  The Website Committee plans to provide a status report to the Board of Directors at their meeting on July 5 and at the General Membership meeting on Saturday, July 7 at the 2012 OCA National Meet.

Preliminary plans include having an updated website with expanded capabilities available for members in August or September.

The Gathering

In early October, the weather in North Georgia is usually excellent for cruising in any Oldsmobile.  As a possible added bonus, the leaves may be changing.  When combined with the various activities in the area, this is an ideal time to attend a car show in Cartersville, Georgia.  As you plan your upcoming activities, please consider participating in an annual event hosted by the Dixie Olds Chapter.  The event will include an evening cruise into Downtown Cartersville on Friday, October 5 and a car show on Saturday, October 6.  Three awards will be provided for each class (i.e., first, second, and third places).  There will be 24 hour security, on-site mechanics, and plenty of parking for vendors and trailers.  Proceeds from this event will be donated to the R. E. Olds Transportation Museum in Lansing, Michigan.

Best wishes for safe travel this summer.


–          Jerry Wilson

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